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At the heart of the world’s most dynamic region where wealth, consumption and digitalization are developing and changing at greater speed than anywhere else, Ifop Asia has been created to provide a bridge between valued brands, services, corporations and Asian people. We are here to connect the former to the latter, to be a facilitator between the two.

We are committed to helping our clients in the fields of luxury, beauty, lifestyle and health & wellness identify business opportunities, make connections, nurture ideas and unlock potentials through sound, actionable market research.

Kévin Zhou Managing Director


The new Chinese traveler is independent and looking for unique experiences

Over 700 million Chinese people travelled recently during “Super Golden Week” which combined the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, according

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Luxury in the digital age: the challenge of balancing “slow time” and “fast time”

At Luxe Pack Shanghai 2017 held in April, Ifop CEO Stephane Truchi and Luxurynsight CEO Jonathan Siboni shared their views on how luxury brands should

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When social and commerce merge

In March, the China Connect conference dedicated to Chinese digital trends was holding its 7th edition in Paris. The motto of this edition was « Crack

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Asia, the new experiential stage

From Mass retail to Experiential Retail Cultural spaces within a mall, trying on clothing in a fashion show setting... French retailers have much to learn

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The « Made in China » takes revenge

For a long time Chinese-made products were associated with low-cost and poor quality. The "toxic chairs" sold by French distributor, Conforama, gave stinging

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Hot trend in China: Live-streaming apps turn Nobodies into Internet Celebrities and offer unique money-making opportunities.

  A pretty woman casually dressed, eating noodles and talking about the makeup she is planning to buy. A handsome man gazing at the webcam in silence.

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The Evolution of Leisure In China

  Today Chinese society is in a flux. Both the economic growth as well as the pace of growth of the past 35 odd years has had a massive impact on

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Have Chinese Women Started to Look Beyond Beauty Products?

    In China, the importance of beauty can’t be overemphasized especially for women. The concept of beauty which is traditionally dictated

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