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Our Mission

At the heart of the world’s most dynamic region where wealth, consumption and digitalization are developing and changing at greater speed than anywhere else, Ifop Asia has been created to provide a bridge between valued brands, services, corporations and Asian people. We are here to connect the former to the latter, to be a facilitator between the two.

We are committed to helping our clients in the fields of luxury, beauty, lifestyle and health & wellness identify business opportunities, make connections, nurture ideas and unlock potentials through sound, actionable market research.

Kevin Zhou Managing Director


What is special about the Chinese GenZ ?

  Ifop and Dark Planning partnered to release GenZ, a study conducted in China, USA, France and UK, which provides unique insights about the first

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Customer Experience or how to monitor UX

Evaluate customer experience and monitor it over time. Identify key expectations and drivers from an emotional, relational and transactional point

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Engagement 360°

Engagement 360° provides you with a 360° all-round view of the behavioural, social and emotional commitment of consumers towards your products and

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IfopTrends Beauty (Cosmetic – Make Up and Perfumes) 2018

A trend book outlining the sociological and marketing changes that will impact the beauty (skincare/make-up and perfume) market in the short and medium

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Fundamental research – Beauty Practices and Attitudes

Understand the market dynamics, behaviors and expectations of consumers today. A key issue: Consumers who have taken power and categories in

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A new research to capture the essence, drivers, and role models of the new Women in China, and to quantify the relevance and aspirational value of these

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InLife Communities

InLife Communities allow you to connect to consumers on an on going basis I order to uncover insights and co-develop or co-optimize innovation & go

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The new Chinese traveler is independent and looking for unique experiences

Over 700 million Chinese people travelled recently during “Super Golden Week” which combined the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, according

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