Being vogue in a sustainable way

Studies show that Chinese people are among the most concerned worldwide about the environment. They are particularly worried about pollution and its impact on health. And they want to play a role, have a positive impact through consumption.


The covid19 epidemic motivated young Chinese people to further think about the relationship between human and nature, and explore more possibilities of a sustainable life. It brought change to what they use & eat and to how they live. When it comes to fashion, they no longer want to choose between a responsible behavior and a joyful and stylish attitude: more and more young people look to being vogue in a sustainable way.


Bottloop (抱朴再生)is a fashion brand from Beijing who addresses these expectations. It combines a modern lifestyle with fashion pieces that are all made of recycled products, using plastic bottles and organic fabrics to manufacture trendy, urban clothes. Beyond materials, the brand blends fashion and sustainability by joint design, art exhibitions and public benefits activities. It has developed collaborations with artists as well as famous brands such as Mercedes and Mars Wringley. In April 2020, Bottloop invited 10 well-known graffiti artists to design eco-friendly, colorful raincoats based on the stories and memories of the epidemic. They were exhibited and launched as a new line of products at K11 Shanghai.


A number of other initiatives such as the collaboration between Nike and Reclothing Bank, a Chinese independent designer brand focused on upcycling old garments and “letting fashion be reborn”, are combining a sustainable approach with high creativity.


The covid crisis has accelerated this blending of fashion with sustainability. It has pushed consumers to further expect that brands take a stand, express values, and implement concrete actions in real life in addition to demonstrating inspiration. It has also shown that the pandemic period, now a common heritage to all consumers, is a material that brands can leverage if they are willing to give it a positive, creative tone.


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