InLife Communities

InLife Communities allow you to connect to consumers on an on going basis I order to uncover insights and co-develop or co-optimize innovation & go to market initiatives

This approach allows you to leverage Asian consumers’ connectedness and willingness to share online in order to feed market understanding and develop marketing actions through collaboration.

  • Exclusive communities of consumers and/or experts built based on brands’ requirements
  • Short to long term communities designed to best address client needs and timeframe
  • A mix of online ethnographics, qualitative and quantitative approaches based on research objectives
  • Collection of InLife experiences and images, sounds, videos, stories
  • Agile use of different platforms and tools to communicate with consumers: WeChat, QQ, QR codes, etc.
  • Ongoing interactions between the brand, Ifop and consumers for real time collaboration and decisions


A few examples of situations on which InLife Communities are implemented:

  • Tracking and decoding of experiences, behavior and attitudes
  • Insights about a specific target, moment or category usage
  • Evaluation and optimization of events and communications
  • Evaluation and optimisation of product, package, services, etc.
  • Co-development and co-creation around a product, a category, a communication, a consumer need, a moment, etc.