April Liu


Quantitative division


April has worked in the marketing research industry for over 9 years. With economics background, she initially joined the Ifop Asia team in 2009, and gained much experience in both quant and qual research. Her strength lies in market understanding, brand evaluation and shopper insight across luxury and FMCG categories.


In the beginning of 2012, April joined BrainJuicer Shanghai to explore the innovative system1 research that incorporates behavioral economics into the research design. During her time with BrainJuicer, April found her passion in modern marketing thinking by understanding human nature, and gained new knowledge specifically on product innovation, communication evaluation, brand positioning/evaluation areas across various industries, including FMCG, Technology, Travel and Alcohol.


April rejoined Ifop Asia as Associate Director of quantitative team in 2017. She chose Ifop because it’s a warm family, a company that encourages people to think differently and deeply to bring true value to the client. Leveraging her experience in the industry and innovative research modeling, she’s now well adapted to the new stage of her career and bringing in modern thinking to the company and clients.


Hardworking, creative and a warm personality are the three key strengths that April posseses when working with others. Intrigued by behavioral economics, she’s passionate about understanding human beings and how people are making their decisions. In life, April is a very gentle and caring person. She enjoys taking responsibility for her actions, embracing challenges and always pursuing excellence. April likes doing Thai Boxing in her leisure life, believing that sport is a great confidence booster and a real challenge. It requires strength, power, speed, endurance, reflexes, intelligence, and heart.

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