Connected chopsticks detect contaminated food

Ifop is an official partner of Netexplo, the global observatory of digital transformation and how digital innovation impacts the life of people and corporations.

On February 5th, the winners of the 2015 Netexplo Forum were revealed at Unesco in Paris in front of 1200 decision leaders. One of the 10 laureates was Chinese Baidu Kuai Sou: connected chopsticks that detect contaminated food.

If you know how to manipulate chopsticks then you also know how to detect the presence of contaminated oil in your food, and how to measure their temperature and acidity levels!

After numerous food contamination scandals erupted in China over the past few years, the combination of high technology and a traditional utensil is reassuring, one can easily and instantly verify that what they eat is healthy.

This innovation contributes to a trend towards digital solutions that protect people from dangers and allows them manage their health and safety.

A video demo is visible here.