What we do

Ifop Asia specializes in providing international and local organizations with 4 main types of research solutions addressing their strategic and tactical needs:


  • Uncovering market opportunities

Whether you need to understand a specific market segment, a target population or a moment of life and consumption, we provide you with the keys to decode and leverage the specifics of the Chinese markets to the benefit of your brand.

We not only provide you with a picture of the market, we also show you the dynamics shaping it and how its transformation may affect your business. We do that by incorporating the vision of KOLs, trendsetters and brand initiatives into our analysis, and confronting them with consumers’ life and opinions.


  • Making your products and messages fit for your target in China

Whether your product or communication is developed specifically for the China market or adapted from your Global approach, we help you test it among local consumers and understand whether and what optimizations are needed.

Our testing approach is real life based, it incorporates mobile and video feedback to provide you with concrete, easy to share information that is fit for action.


  • Monitoring your brand health

In a country where brand value is evolving rapidly from status to experiences, from functional to emotional benefits, Ifop helps you monitor your brand health and optimize it along the way.

We specialize in evaluating premium and lifestyle brands with high emotional content. Our approach is centered on measuring desirability and grasping the dynamics of attractiveness and social relevance of your brand.


  • Optimizing your customers experiences

We help you measure customer experiences at every step of the O&O purchase journey and optimize them to drive engagement and build Experience Equity that really sustains your brand.

We work with you to extract more value from your CRM, leveraging research interactions to drive calls to action and feedback into your base.


When you are facing any of the above challenges do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide an opinion and design the research scheme that provides the actionable information you need.